Adding a Second Unit to a San Rafael Home

Adding a second unit to a home in San Rafael

Couldn’t we all use a little more “elbow room?” You’ve realized that your home needs some extra space to put up guests or a growing family. Or you need some extra room so that you can take care of your in-laws. Or how about creating a second unit so you can take in tenants for some extra rental income?

If you’re looking at options to add some extra space to your home, having a second unit could be a good option to consider. A second unit (also known as in-law suite) is considered to be an extra living unit on your main property that often comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. They can be either attached to or detached from the main home on your property.

This was the situation facing a client of ours in San Rafael. They wanted to create an additional second unit as a guest house. What was important to them was that the new unit matched the existing architectural detail of their house. This wasn’t a problem for us – what we came up with was a 550 square-foot-unit which would be available as a place to put up their guests. As you can see in the following photos -a very cute and practical addition to the property.

Cottage remodel

Cottage remodel

Second Units are a very hot topic and each city is different- lets talk about your needs